Web Copywriting


Challenge: Update a cumbersome, outdated Web site for TypeWell, a speech-to-text transcribing service for individuals with hearing loss or other physical limitations. Show benefits for transcribers, readers, and service coordinators in a clear, compelling style to complement the site's new look.

Samples: Sample #1, Sample #2, Sample #3

We inherited a legacy Web site comprising nearly 100 pages of lengthy text, from a company that boasted a 'no marketing' approach for over 10 years. The challenge was to rebrand our state-of-the-art software and training services in a clean, modern Web site that we could use to leverage social media and direct marketing.

Jodi had the patience and skill to sift through our encyclopedic legacy site and distill the content that really mattered to our target audiences. As we worked through the sections one by one, she'd end each phone call with, 'I've got it. Let me get to work.'

What she produced was clear, straightforward, and powerful.

— Kate Ervin, Director of Education and Operations